day of barry manilow

Copa, copacabana is our goal for tomorrow. I am a bit sick now but it was nice not doing much today. We bought 3 dvds yesterday for 3 euro, Memories of a Geisha, Weatherman and Motorcycle Diaries. We watched Weatherman today and then in the afternoon went to a place called the Moon Valley, with strange rock formations jutting out from the ground and a nice little 40 minute walk around them, with occasional 30 foot drops next to the path.

We heard the road to copacabana is closed by strike but we are trying to go there tomorrow. Assiyeah is still trying to talk me into going to Arequipa for a couple of days and we could just do that, it would be a spontaneous thing and that makes it exciting. I will have to do some research.

Dodgers are in first place, we bought a bunch of souvenirs here, blanket, jacket, beanie, stuff like that and in a way I am looking forward to getting to Peru. I have enjoyed Bolivia but it definitely is not an easy country to travel in. Your standards have to be dropped quite a bit but it is cheap as hell. I guess ya gotta put it all in perspective, that I can spend two weeks here and some people have to spend their whole lives here. I will send in another update in a couple of days.

A shoutout to my folks who are celebrating their 35th anniversary tomorrow!


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