day of the lip

My lip is f*cked. I got like a sun and wind blister on it and it looks like I got me some herpes! haha

We are in Bolivia and there is quite a bit to tell. I had a photo exhibition two nights ago in Tilcara, Argentina. There were 7 pictures in the cafe/bar and we had homemade gnocchi for dinner and met some people from spain and finally around midnight the place got packed and some live music started. I sold one of my photos to an architect from Madrid named Rowina. Unfortunately she couldn’t take the photo with her because our host in Tilcara/owner of the bar where we were in wanted that one and so I will have to mail it to her in October. She got a steal, just 10 bucks for it but I just wanted to make a sale and also things are much cheaper in Argentina. The live music was like an Argentine Jack Johnson and it was fantastic. Too bad we had to leave at 1.45am because we had a bus in the morning.

Our bus left at 11am and we travelled across highlands, pampa I guess it’s called, about 10,000 feet and it’s hard to believe that people exist in that element but we saw some settlements along the way and wihtout much hoopla we arrived in La Quiaca, the border town with Argentina and Bolivia. Immediate a young boy asked if we wanted a guide across the border. I said, heh? I went inside to ask the tourist office about walking across the border and she gave us info and then I asked about the little kids asking us about guiding us across the border and she said that they only want to rob you. Oh thanks, I said.

We met an English girl who wanted to walk across the border with us. She’s been travelling for a year and a half and it was amazing to hear her casual explanations of places she’s been. Then we got the chance to meet another girl, this one from Australia while we were all waiting in the line to cross the border. This will officially go down as the slowest border of all time! It took about 90 minutes for a 45-person line to get through and all the while these little boys of 6 or 8 years old are asking us for food, money, to help us. Piss off, was basically my answer. I try and have compassion but piss off was still my answer.

We walked across a small bridge that had a sign, one sign which said Argentina and the other Bolivia and I thought that was cool. We crossed the border and walked up a tiring hill to the bus station. Just as we were getting close, a piece of shit looking bus stop, yelling out Tupiza. Tupiza! That’s where we were going. Hey, are there still seats for us, I asked. Of course, she said and we got on the bus but people were sitting on the arm rests and had to get out of our seats when we got on. Not really sure what that was all about but it was a dirt road. 90% of the roads in Bolivia are unpaved and it felt like a constant jiggle with the occasional bump of major proportions because of a lack of suspension. We also got a flat tire about an hour into the journey, which last 3 hours and cost 1.25dollars.

We got to Tupiza, walked to the hostel, got our room, walked around this quiet town that is at 3.400 meters and we had dinner at a place called California. I ate llama meat and it was pretty good! I took a long hot shower last night and slept like a rock, something I needed dearly and today the weather is beautiful and we just booked our first tour of the trip!

We will go on the Salar de Uyuni jeep trip for 4 days and 3 nights. All the food, drink, hotels *if you can call them that*, entrances into the national park and driving for 100bucks per person. We are going with the English girl we crossed the border with, a guy from Colorado and a dude from English who were on our bus yesterday from the border and a guy from France I think.

My lip, as i said, is dry as hell and for the rest of the day we are going to buy some warmer clothes because it is going to be freezing in our cheap basic accomodations they called it and some lip stuff. I may not be able to give an update for a few days but at least you know why.

Check ya later!


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