day of the dog

We have had a day and a half in Salta, a wonderful colonial town without a whole bunch to do but that’s okay. We had to change buses on the way here and it was a cold day and it felt like our time in the sun was over, so to speak. When we arrived here in Salta, we took a taxi to Dieter’s house which was about 5 minutes away. We were a bit shocked, to say the least, when it appeared that they had the nicest house in town. He greeted us, introduced us to his wife, Carola and son Sebastian and then showed us to our room which was at least as nice if not nicer than any place we have ever stayed at with hospitalityclub. We felt like we had just stolen the opposing team’s mascot and were harboring it at the Waldorf Astoria. We were happy.

We grabbed some stuff, aka camera, guidebook and some water and walked into the center of town which was about 8 blocks away. It was still gray and so not perfect for taking pictures but we got a glimpse at the church on the main squre, with it’s glorious sun-like gold statue way in the back and the warm blue and mauve colors that pervaded the celings between the arches. As mass was underway, we didn’t stay too long to investigate so we went outside to get our bearings. A young guy walked up to us and was pointing at my shoes, half laughing. He was a shoeshiner named Alexander and he had chosen the most creative way to get me to have him shine my shoes. Apparently he was 17 years old and and already had a child. When he learned we were from Germany, the price changed from 3 pesos to 3 euro. We of course didn’t find it as funny as he did, because he knew he was joking.

We checked out the busy shopping streets near the main square and then discovered an extremely obvious but beautiful church down one of the streets leading away from the main plaza, the Iglesia San Francisco. An extremely ancient woman informed us the church was still closed for siesta and would open in an hour or so. All right. We were hungry and didn’t get very far. There was a restaurant kitty korner from the church that had an all you could eat buffet for less than 6 bucks. We ended up chosing other things from the menu and what good choices we made. It was one of our best meals that Assiyeah and I have ever while traveling on our own. It was so good we took the leftovers with us.

I lost most of this post and was able to recover a small part so here is what I have the energy to retype:

I fell asleep early last night and so of course was up early today. We had a great breakfast, like a German Sunday breakfast while on holiday, slow and leisurely with the all important coffee. We dropped off some postcards, went to the cable car which took us up on the hill overlooking the city, later had some empanadas, a nice second breakfast in a way with coffee, croissants and OJ for a buck fifty, walked around a lot, went to the city’s historical museum where we saw old pre-columbian stuff, carriages, weapons and oil paintings of early local leaders.

We checked out the church again and were after accosted by two different shoe shiners, one being a bigger asshole than the other. The red and gold Iglesia San Francisco was full of people and most of them seemed to have dogs. Never did find out why. I bought some sole supports because we’d been walking so much and on the way home we bought 3 avocados, an envelope to mail our roommate’s birthday gift and a birthday card. We ate the leftovers tonight and are just chilling now. Sorry for the abruptness but I just had no desire to really get into it again after I’d typed some fascinating takes on a nice place in the NW Argentina. Okay, maybe it was fascinating but we’ll never know now, will we?



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