Day of Publication

guess what? I got published today. It is not a big thing and it won”t even cover the first payment on that car I do not even need but still, my problems the German authorities have finally begun to bear fruit and boy oh boy are they tasty, kind of a mix of Bundesliga meets Mr. Beamter. If you do not get the silliness at that attempt at humor then you do not live in Germany.

Anyhoo, go to, choose, Germany as the country of choice and then to Relocation where the article should be displayed with the fairly alarming title, Screwed by the System.

Enjoy. Off to Tilcara today and by Sunday afternoon we should be in Bolivia, the 30th country I will have visited. For any students reading this blog, that was correct usage of the future PERFECT (edited from ´present´because I can be stupid at times! hahaha)tense. Learn it, live it, know it. By the time I come back, you will have learned it, right? Look I did it again.



7 Responses to Day of Publication

  1. king hart says:

    Frank Dukes,

    I have an idea! Grow a set of balls and marry your girlfriend of 4 plus years. Any woman that is willing to put up with you is a keeper. Take it from me! I found one crazy enough and I am holding on with a Bruce Lee Kung-Fu Grip. When I was in Germany in June I understand why you are fighting to stay. Good Luck and for God’s sake shit or get off the pot!


  2. king hart says:

    Jump in with both feet!

  3. bogenlicht says:

    I found your blog through Expatica, a site that I read every single day. It was a great story and I really feel for you. As an American who studies German in his free time and is hopeful that one of these days the laws will change so that I can live and work in Germany, it is painful to hear about the bureaucratic nightmare in which you have found yourself.

    Anyway, consider me a new “fan” and I will check out your blog regularly.


  4. Howard Brodsly says:

    Hey Jason,

    Sounds like you are having a blast. All is well with us!!! based on the jury…there is a recommendation on the plate.

    Happy travels.

  5. dabee says:

    That is so awesome about the article! Make sure to give the link to your Beamter so they all know what they’re dealing with!

    Anway, I dont think it’s called future present but future perfect! Dont go teaching your students wrong things horst! So there.

    I’m glad you guys aren’t letting the Germany thing influence your trip, really sounds like you’re having a great time!!

  6. Jason says:

    hahaha, I wrote future present! hahaha, I guess it shows you what happens when you stop doing your job for a few weeks. No wonder the Germans can´t go for more than 3 weeks usually!

    To the students out there, it was future perfect or the adfñlkjadsfñlkj perfect here in the Andes.

    I got my balls, they´re firmly in place, thanks Rob. I´ll let you know if I pull them out to marry my lady! hahah

  7. Lesley R says:

    This is quite funny indeed. I read your entire tale, but on Amorica. I found this because I wanted to see if any other Amoricans posted about their blogs on the board. I guess I should. BTW, I couldn’t stop reading your saga. I didn’t post on the board, but I hope all works out.

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