11 days…

July 16, 2006

I haven’t done too much to get ready for the trip. Maya was in the hospital earlier this week and I went over to hang with her and give her some distractions. Gregg came over and we watched some Chapelle and Simpsons. Then we had an ice cream and I came home.

I did get one box packed today and I can do some more tonight but it is difficult not to get the motivation but knowing that it all sort of means nothing because we still have to move all of our furniture AND paint our apartment, and Assiyeah’s term paper and it’s been so damn hot lately. I swear to god, it’s not ungodly but I seem to need to be in front of a fan at all times or have a beer in front of me, wooh, it’s tough. There is no air conditioning in this country, they just don’t know how to appreciate one of god’s greatest creations. As Woody Allen said, “Between god and air conditioning, I’ll take air conditioning.”

I have to work three days this week and part of that will be sitting in a beer garden with students and taking in the wonderful summer weather. Thursday through Sunday are crunch time to the fourth degree, with moving and painting while grading tests and figuring final grades and making invoices all try to coexist. It’s gonna be intense.

There’s a lot of shit going on in the world, with Israel retaliating in Lebanon and the US foreign policy is trying to blame damascus and teheran, I just can’t figure out what in the hell is going on any more. All I do is keep entertaining people and making them feel good about something a little awkward and I get to run around earth like I’m one of his chosen children but to me, i know i’m just lucky (and I had great parents). But with all of this chaos is the beauty of my oldest friend (by duration of friendship, not age) Amy is pregnant and due soon with her first child. I can feel from Germany that it is this great growing potential that the whole family feels, including of course my mom and ruth, zach’s mom. And everyone is excited and our lives are all so great, more or less, meaning that we do not have the sort of problems that plague most of the world, e.g. war, famine, poverty and so on. We aren’t sure where to eat or if we should have another beer. Gas might go to 4 dollars/gallon I saw on the news the other night and the guy made it sound as if green men were coming from mars to take our children.

My point is that it ncver ceases to amaze me how much enjoyment and freedom and satisfaction I get out of life without having to work too hard while other people are just trying to survive the night. I don’t do anything about it. Yes, I do. I celebrate my luck. I try to make my life as exemplary as possible, knowing that someday all that will be left of me are the experiences I created in some medium.

What trips me out is that I’m on the balcony on a beautiful Sunday evening, and I see my Lebanese neighbor hanging out her laundry to dry. Her husband is from Michigan. We’ve been neighbors for more than three years. I want to ask her what she thinks about all that’s going on. I only ask her if her family is okay. The Israeli ambassador to the U.N. told the Lebanese ambassador in an open forum that he knows that if the Lebanese guy could, he would be sitting next to the Israeli guy, knowing that they were doing the right thing. Talking about Hezbollah or however the hell you spell it. It sounds like Snoop Doggy Dog infilitrated the plizzase. It’s all insanity and in the middle of it, to the west a few thousand kilometers I’m sitting pretty, having just been invited to go for a walk with my lady, part of her only free time today away from everything that is in her way.

And that’s all it is. We have some stuff in our way. But we have a way. And we’re leaving in 11 days one way or another. That facts remains above all else. One way or another we’re going. It will be okay. Everything will be all right. Let’s all hold hands and stand on the edge of the reality that connnects with what we’re not shown. We can handle it if we all stick together and then maybe, once the injustices of the world have been eradicated and the right people punished we can rejoice by knowing that as the world gets smaller and smaller, and life becomes more and more intertwined with perception, we are all still so far away from all that jazz. Damn, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.

I’m a lucky dude, and I try and focus on that and make other people’s lives better when I get a chance so they know they’re with someone who realizes how fleeting life is and how each day means more than whole years and enjoyment can happen from existence. Breaking it down, ya know what I’m sayin?



July 13, 2006

So, I’ve just a large group email to friends and family about this blog and I wanted to give you guys some inside scoop. I’ve been working on this blog for about 7 months now. For those of you with an office job, this is good news. That means there is plenty to keep you from working, or at least I hope. Not all of the posts are funny or interesting but it is a great way to get an idea what it is like living in Germany, teaching English and basically enjoying the hell out of life because of a few things:
1)no children (yet)
2)no debt (yet)
3)german people respect holidaymaking as a pasttime
4)you can drink beer in the streets

Pretty much everything in this blog is true except for the things that you either don’t believe or don’t want to believe. Those things aren’t true, mom!

Anyhoo, thanks for coming, I hope that you bookmark this blog and come back and check it because this is where I’ll be updating our trip to South America while we’re gone instead of bothering you with group emails again. Send me messages, communicate.

Much love to all of you and I hope that our paths cross soon!


July 13, 2006

Germany’s (and California’s) finest in action after the game. I don’t know if I’m directing traffic or predicting his future…

July 13, 2006

The English dudes and the Jaegermeister.

July 13, 2006

me and whitney, with some English dudes in the background. I showed them Jaegermeister for the first time and…

July 13, 2006

Hey, it was a weekend, living large as always!

July 13, 2006

Masha, Gregg, same stranger, Maya and Janet and me. That’s 4 nationalities in 5 people, what a melting pot!