day 4

We saw a kick ass tango show last night but thank god the folks were here or we would not have been able to afford it!

There ain´t much to add this time, we just happened to be at an internet cafe and wanted to let ya´ll know that we went to the San Telmo flea market yesterday, saw some street tango dancers, visited a church covered in argentine flags as mass was getting out and an italian marching band of old dudes was playing songs and getting people riled up and then had an awesome lunch in a place recommend to us by someone we met at the exhibition the other night. Less than 30 dollars for people to eat like kings and queens and well, other minor nobility. It´s like Assiyeah and I are fattening ourselves up for the winter before the folks go home and we´ll have to start eating food within our budget which is a good pebble or two above rock bottom.

After we did some shopping in which my mom bought a necklace, dad bought some spoons and assiyeah some earrings, it was good to chill out at the place for a bit before the tango show. The best part for me was the gaucho dude who had like a pirate outfit on an italian machismo while spinning these ropes around with hard balls on the end and he made a rhythm from tapping his boots and the balls hitting on the ground. He had those little bastards spinning fast and it reminded me of my black belt test and the nunchucks but that´s another story.

Today we changed some money, had a nice breakfast in the fancy mall again and then bought our tickets to Colonia, Uruguay as a day trip tomorrow before getting in a taxi to Plaza de Mayo to check out the church again and you guessed it, shop. Assiyeah bought a beanie, pop bought a couple of cds including Buena Vista Social Club (it was funny because Assiyeah and I have both had that cd for more than 4 years and my folks are totally into that music for dancing but don´t have much of it at home).

The Evita song in the tango show was filled with that kind of cheesy patriotism that you will NEVER see in Germany, including 4 dudes waving Argentine flags during the end of the song! Classic!

All right, I´m not sure when this internet connection is going to end again so I´ll let you go but I´m going to visit my 27th country tomorrow so that´s always an exciting thing. It´s funny because while some countries on that list I know pretty well like Germany and Canada, others I only saw for a day like Slovakia and now Uruguay…adios!


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