day 3

it´s almost 9am, the folks and girlfriend are still sleeping and so I snuck down into the lobby of the hotel to write a bit about the trip to this point…

We arrived at 7.50am and were met by maggie who had been helping me organize my photo exhibition and what was the first thing she told us? Your parents are going to come in 12 hours late! I wasn´t sure I understood her at first because I just wasn´t expecting it but we went with the flow and ended up coming into town alone with the plan of coming back out to the airport at night to get the folks.

The hotel is in a good location, we checked in but couldn´t get into our room because checkout wasn´t for 3 or more hours. My pleas to let us chill out in a dirty room just so we could relax and get our bearings was denied. So we went out walking. The first thing we saw was a small military band playing music to a stage of 50 or so dignitaries and another 50 or so stragglers like us who just happened by. The amazing thing is that we could get right up on the band, meaning we were standing just behind them, so much so that I could get a couple of nice shots with their funny military hats blocking out the morning sun that I hope turn out well.

We continued down to Florida, a big pedestrian shopping street, had a nice breakfast of coffee, orange juice, croissants under a beautiful mural in a fancy shopping mall, bought an Argentine SIM card for the cell phone and after awhile went back to the room to finally put our stuff in. a couple of hours later we were picked up and we walked to the art store to get supplies for the exhibition. They didn´t have everything we needed but promised to send it to the room later and so we left but not before me noticing how friendly the people were and how they tried to make it cheaper for me if possible. Then we ate our first LOMITO, like a thin carne asada steak with a fried egg and various sauces and what not put on liberally by my own manos. We walked back and had a couple more hours before heading out to the airport. The folks came in 13 hours later in the end but just them arriving safely made everything feel perfect.

Day two began with a good breakfast in the hotel and while Assiyeah took the folks to the shopping center again, I went over to the cafe with the exhibition and starting preparing my folks. Or rather, Maggie´s husband Juan did. I don´t know how this happened but he decided to do all of the preparations and I sat and had a coffee with milk and then a tequila with a very strange dude named Alex who spoke a brand of English and Spanish that I couldn´t understand. Unfortunately I could understand his request to have a shot at 12.15pm with him. He flirted with all of the girls there in a way you would never see in germany. A sample conversation:

Do you have a boyfriend, he asked one of the waitresses.
Yes, she said shyly.
He´s a son of a bitch, he answered.

Anyway, I had to leave before the photos were finished because we were scheduled to go on a city tour so we took a taxi back. The tour started an hour later and was bigger meaning more people than I had originally been told but it was a good time. We passed through all the most important neighborhoods and saw a good range of stuff. By the time we were let out by a handicraft fair, we had no energy for shopping but needed to eat so what did we do? We tried to find a reccommended restaurant to eat in but of course it was not open at 6pm. It didn´t open until 7.30pm so we chose another that had some metal saddles outside and some nice cuts of meat that I hoped hadn´t come from whatever was originally under that saddle. We got 3 cuts of meat, rib eye, sirloin and loin, big chunks of meat and each was 11bucks or less. Fantastic.

Back at the room, we had an hour before going to the exhibition. The cafe where it was located was an interesting place to say the least. Under the subtitle of Joker Traveller´s Cafe, the photos looked good on the reddish walls. A total of 13 people were there, including myself but we had a nice time. We were 6 Americans, a German, 2 Canadians, 3 Argentinians, and a South African. We got to try some nice wines and some good conversation. I hope to meet up with some of the folks again while here. The funny thing is our taxi cost 17pesos (less than 6 dollars) going to the exhibition but only 7 pesos (2 bucks and change) going back. The first guy had been nice, even could speak a bit of English because his wife was an interpreter, including for the CIA he said, but somehow it costs more than twice the price of the other taxis, taxis because I had also taken one earlier in the day to get back for the tour. How did that happen? The answer? South America somehow…Maybe in America or Europe(south and eastern europe not included) might drive you around to make the bill larger but I think here the machine was tampered with. The dude also had a police like siren that he used to get people out of his way while he invented a variety of lines on the 10-minute trip.

We got home at 1.30am and somehow I was up at 8.30 this morning. By the way, it´s cold as hell here, probably close to freezing last night on the way home. Poor Assiyeah, she had said she´s ready for a change when we were leaving Germany and it´s 100 degree weather and already she´s unsure how she will survive this cold for 2 months. I guess I´ve got my work cut out for me.

All right, well I guess this is a pretty good first entry and I just want to get it entered on the site before there´s a power outtage or I lose all of it so much love, peace and smiles, and I hope to hear from some of ya´ll soon!



One Response to day 3

  1. mc says:

    Great to hear that you’re all alive and well! So cool about the exhibition, wish I could see some pictures of it.
    Here its still hot as hell and in a few hours I’ll be heading to your house to welcome the finnish girls.
    Keep us updated on you experiences and say hi to Terry, Nancy and Assiyeah!!

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