In 22 hours

In 22 hours we’ll be on a plane from Basel, Switzerland to Paris, France. We’re going to have a 3+ hour layout in Paris and then we’re on the way to Buenos Aires, the beginning of an 8-week trip that has been in the planning since March of last year. It was an idea and it became my main goal. Now it’s time. There are things on my “list of things to do before I go to South America” that I won’t get a chance to do. I won’t get a chance to officially register my change of address with the proper authorities. I won’t be able to change our phone bill to a cheaper tarif, or even if my lufthansa/united miles from a trip in april have been accepted and who knows what else I’ve forgotten.

I’m so freakin’ exhausted from the past week, getting ready to leave, moving, finishing grading tests and everything, seriously, it’s been too much and I would definitely plan the timing of things differently but hey, just like life, you only get one time around. There will never be another first trip to south america. There are going to be so many firsts. Like this. This is going to be my first “last post” before south america. How ’bout dat?

I’ll try and keep ya’ll updated as much as possible, there is going to be a great whirl of energy around us, I hope you enjoy it.



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