Our dining table is in the middle of our bedroom. We have some backpacks, an extra mattress, some boxes, a vaccuum, a fan and some other crap strewn about. The weekend was an asskicker in the nicest possible terms, 3 days of off and on moving and then 8 hours yesterday painting and we’re not finished yet!!! oy vey!

I went to work for a few hours today, did a bit of organzing and packing for the trip and then sent some emails. I thought I could update the ole blog while I was online and soon we’re going to make some dinner and then try and paint two ceilings if possible and then I hope to never ever paint anything ever again! It’s not likely but a guy can hope, right?

It’s another warm day, probably early 90s and it has an end of the world feel to it, not because of the temperature but because of the chaos. We have stuff in our old apartment, we have stuff in our new apartment, we have stuff in both cellars, I still have about 5-8 super important things to do before we go, namely change my address at the “Address Office”, yes, that’s run by the government, get my invoices finished so I can get paid, get some money for the trip, check on the passport and plane tickets again, teach a few classes, go to a meeting, a going away party (not ours) and all that in the next 72 hours! But hey, I love it! haha

Calgon, take me away…

Remember that ad? It was so hot and intense yesterday that I painted in my boxers and a tanktop, by far the classiest I have looked in ages. I look to my left and on the balcony is an empty box, a very full heavy box, our clean clothes on the clothesline thing, a rubberband ball, a hanger, some matches, a piece of wood, some stuff to clean clothes, a National Geographic from July 1976, a Maxim magazine, our laundry basket. Wait a sec, I see one of Assiyeah’s shirts about to fly off the balcony! You can add that to the list!


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