Squattin & typin

well, the move is essentially over. At least until October. Then we’ll have to hoist a ton of crap (our boxes) up five flights of stairs but all we got left in our room is our mattress, some clothes, a couple of laptops and a box or two more of stuff. I finished grading the tests for the university, we are getting closer and closer. It’s hard to believe but in 5+ days we’ll be on a plane to Buenos Aires!

I’ve started writing in a new journal, don’t know if I mentioned that already or not. I finished the old but still had 10 days before the trip started and I always need a journal with me. I tell ya, I think I would have been a Renaissance man back in the day. I dig the arts, and getting creative and what you can make, and can other people groove on it or even have a reaction. With photography, writing and music, these expressions are my main outlet in life. I hardly ever play music anymore but mostly because I’m so busy doing other stuff.

The sun is coming through the window and it’s hot as hell. It should have rained today but didn’t and so now we still have stubborn humidity persisting and I just wanna slap its face and say, beat it! But then again, it’ll be cooler in Buenos Aires! In fact, a week from today I have a photo exhibition, that’s a crazy thought.

Anyway, I’m on a stool and so is the laptop, hence the name of the entry. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I’m starting to get an idea what this blog thing is for. I might be able to portray a really nice, thick slice of life if I can take seemingly mundane experiences and weave them with larger themes thereby beefing out the niceties of my little life in the middle of Europe. My buddy Tom summed it up best earlier today after we moved some stuff. He said, “Dude, you’re probably hating life for the next 4-5 days but then you have two months off man.” You know what, I hadn’t thought of it like that until he said that. I don’t feel like I’m going to have two months off. I feel like I’m going on a two-month adventure that often will be more difficult than going to work. We’re going to be on the move every 3-4 days and we’ll be passing through 4-5 countries, some of which will have us keeping our wits about us on the lookout for pickpockets and who knows. I plan to take more than 40 rolls of pictures in 55 days. That will give me 1400 photos and I hope to get 40-50 great pictures out of it, even two different themes. I plan to do a South America exhibition next year but what if I could get another exhibition just entitled Portraits or Uyuni Salt Flats. Oh, that’s a good idea. What if I could get 25 good pictures from Uyuni, or even Cuzco. The possibilities are numerous.

“So Far Away” by Carole King is playing on my Iriver. I’ve got over 3300 songs on there now. If the songs are an average of 5 minutes then that is 16,500 minutes. That means I have 11.5 days worth of music without repeats, can you believe that? Now it’s a Rich Robinson song. Who knows what is coming next? And that is exactly what I got from Tom today? Who knows what is coming next? Nobody, but I’ve set myself up to get a damn good view of what is coming and I hope to document the hell out of it, just like this.

see ya soon!


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