Two concerts in Fall?

If there is one thing that is lacking in my life here in Germany, it’s good live music by “mid-sized” bands. It seems that there are either no-name bands coming through Freiburg or it is something like the Backstreet Boys two years ago. The ZMF festival was good but no good bands that got me really excited.

So I’ve got to travel to see music. I already have been to London and Amsterdam to see the Black Crowes this Spring and now two more concerts have come up and I’ve gotta travel to get to them again…

The first is Ben Harper. He’s playing in Strasbourg about 90 minutes from Freiburg in November. The month before that but I just learned about it this morning is Ryan Adams in Cologne.

We will have come back from South America and then two weeks later I’ll be going to Cologne to see that concert. I haven’t seen Ryan adams since November 5, 2002. I’ve had tickets to see him twice since then, once in Cologne in January 2004 and once in Oakland in August 2005 but both got cancelled so I’m hoping to get a show this time around. I have the Ben Harper tickets already (well, actually, they’ve been bought but I haven’t picked them up yet) and as soon as the Ryan Adams tix go on sale, I’m going to buy 4. At least I think I can find 4 people who will go!

All right, we’ve got one day of the move finished and it was a pretty productive move, all things considered. Today will be making many small trips and dismantling the bed and tomorrow is moving the heavy stuff and then Sunday painting the apartment. I also need to grade 30 tests in this time. Fun fun fun…

It’s going to be hot as hell again today…


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