patriotism & animal transports

There were two different arguments in two university classes of mine today. The first class had a presentation on animal transports and somehow it blew up into if animals had feelings and whether fish are animals or not. The second class had a good 20-30 minute row (that’s British English for argument, friends) about the recent patriotism by German people and also the definition of “pride”. One student said you could only be proud of things that you yourself had done. I personally disagree but it was interesting to see many German students, most of whom six months ago would not have felt this way, arguing that it was all right to have the flag out and that it felt good. This all stemmed from a statement from the current German president that the patriotism showed that “Germany was returning to normal”. I more or less just sat there and pushed and prodded a bit but let them have at it. That is pretty easy money, I like it.

We are going to break a law tonight. Actually I’m not sure it’s a law but it feels that way. Don’t worry, this won’t be enough to get me kicked out of the country but we are nearing a breaking point. We sent in a request more than a month ago for the “Special trash” people to come and take away a sofa among other things. See, ya just can’t put that out on trash day in Germany, you’ve got to get an appointment. That’s all well and good, and it might even be the same in America but with 9 days left before our trip to South America, we don’t have time to wait for the gears of beauracracy to spin enough to come by and pick up our sofa. What happened is when I came home earlier I saw that other people had put out the “special trash” and it gave me the idea that we should just put our sofa and broken sled and old table out there with the other people’s stuff and they’d just take it. My roommate thinks that they won’t take it because it wasn’t “applied for”. Of course I scoffed at her but she’s probably right. I just have trouble believing that it can all be so convoluted but there ya have it. A day in my life. Again.

Oh, I’m not finished yet. I ate a small pizza from Walfisch, the punk restaurant below my house and watched some of the deleted scenes from Wedding Crashers while eating. I’m starving for English tv and movies, it’s funny, I can understand the German and it’s okay to watch a movie that way but it’s not enjoyable usually, I have to work too hard to get into it.

We watched a Room Raiders on MTV today (if you don’t know what that is, get a life! haha) and it was lesbian girls. And it got me thinking. MTV has done more than any other group to “okayize” homosexuality. They have these different kind of dating shows, e.g. Date My Mom, Next, Dismissed and Room Raiders and they have all had gay guys and lesbians. It’s fascinating and, most importantly, desensitizing. Now I don’t need any desensitizing, mostly because my aunt is gay and because I’m part of the generation that doesn’t care about those things as much. When I lived in LA with Amy, she always had gay friends over and so it became “okay” for me to hang with them. The point is, there are many people for whom that is/was/has not been “okay”. But now they see that “those” people are just like “us”. They have apartments and cars and jobs and smiles and personalities and, well, everything, except they like the same sex. That’s more or less the difference. Hell, there are bigger differences between some heterosexuals than there are between some heteros and homosexuals. Oh, you know what I mean. I mean that MTV has brought this into all of our homes and we’ve gotten to see some secret glimpses into the lives of lesbians and gay guys and I think that that has done more for the desensitization of possible homophobes than anything.

All right, I gotta move a sofa. Don’t tell anyone.


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