not a normal life anymore

the following email was just sent to buenos aires, argentina

it’s about 11:20pm here, I have to be on a train at 9:08am tomorrow for work but I will send you the pictures tomorrow evening so hopefully before you leave work tomorrow. Also, send me your phone number and office address and I’ll prepare the photos to be sent.

The ideas for the exhibition sounds great, please remember I am not a rich person when making plans for drinks and food. I can afford 50US dollars for food and drink IF viavia can help advertise for the exhibition because I know no one in Buenos Aires.

Except one person. A friend of mine, a Canadian girl who normally lives in Cusco is in Buenos Aires for a couple of weeks I think. Ironically, I also plan to do an exhibition in Cusco, Peru with the same photos in September when we get there in our trip. It might be nice if she could meet up with you for a coffee, talk about the exhibition and how you’re helping to make it happen so she can do the same thing in Peru, ya know? I’ll call her this weekend and tell her to try and get ahold of you. I’m almost positive she speaks good spanish, by the way.

I’ll be in touch.


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