the last week and change

I worked my ass off on Wednesday, a bit on Thursday and some on Friday and then Saturday morning we drove to Muenster, Germany for the beginning of our week in Holland. We spent a few hours there and then took a one hour train to Enschede, Holland to visit Assiyeah’s friend studying at an art school there. 3 nights there and then we went to Utrecht, a town I must say kicks absolute ass and I would be happy to plan another holiday there. Then we went to Amsterdam for 3 days. It was my 5th time there and I even had a photo exhibition there. You can go to Bolhoed Cafe at Prinsengracht 60-62 until mid-August in Amsterdam and see some of my photos on the walls there. We flew home last night and now I have all Sunday afternoon to chill out. I need to do some lesson plans for classes this week, do some more writing and figure out which photos I’m going to use for my photo exhibitions in Buenos Aires and Cusco in Peru. I need to get them developed this week so I can mail them to their destinations so I don’t have to cart them around South America, ya know? I’ll give ya a full “Week in Holland” story when I get it finished but the weather is so nice AND there is World Cup soccer so…


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