Snow in June?

It’s hard to beleive but all of a sudden I think I might need my winter jacket from the cellar. I never even had a “winter jacket” as a kid and so it’s a bit surprising that as we enter june, snow is reported for above 2000 feet and it could potentially be the first time in 100 years that it snowed in June. Crazy…

I don’t have to work tonight, I’m muy happy about that, plan to possibly do a workout and then just chill the rest of the night. I think I have a place in Buenos Aires and Cusco, Peru for my exhibitions, I’ll keep you updated on that for sure.

All right, I’m too lazy to keep going now but yesterday I earned the most I have ever earned in one day, better than last Tuesday…274euro aka 351 dollars for about 6.5 hours’ work! Ja wohl!


2 Responses to Snow in June?

  1. Sandra Kraisirideja says:

    Dear Jason,

    Your tenacity and fortitude are an inspiration. I’m glad you stuck to your guns. I mean this with no disrespect, but Americans don’t lose in Germany.


  2. Jason says:

    you know it, chick! I just have to survive work tomorrow and then I have a week off in Holland, woohoo!

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