I woke up a little after nine, a bit hot from the weather, went jogging an hour later, showered and then, after breakfast of museli and milk and banana, went by bike into town and met the seven people helping me with my photo exhibition. Karo, Catharina, Eva, Nata, Resi, Sarah, and Michael. We’re about 80% ready and opening night is next Friday!

I’m going to eat some pasta and mushroom sauce, probably add lemon and hot sauce to it, and then and then a friend is coming over to help look at my German letter that I’ll be bringing to the Foreign Authority next week regarding my work permission.

My oldest friend’s birthday is on Wednesday.
My second photo exhibition is on Friday.
Mother’s Day is on Sunday.
My grandma’s birthday is next Wednesday.
My birthday is the Wednesday after that.

I’m a busy boy, I’ll be working 4 teaching hours on Monday, 6 on Tuesday, 12 on Wednesday, 8 on Thursday and 4 on Friday for a total of 34 teaching hours. I will be able to earn enough to pay for a month’s bills this week. Of course I’ve been spending a lot of money lately, on books, lawyers, presents for girlfriend, travelling, eating and drinking out and it’s all been worth it.

We’ll be in touch.


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