Why a shotgun would be helpful

I am beside myself. I was told this morning that my work permission in germany will not be extended as of now and that I need to retain a lawyer. That lawyer will cost at first 50euro and then 477euro for him to help me and that is without a guarantee that I will win the case. The problems are as follows:

1)I’m not allowed to be self-employed…
2)If I married my German girlfriend…
3)I can have ONE job and no others…

If I married Assiyeah, which I would like to do someday, none of this would be a problem. I would even be eligible for unemployment money if need be. This is crazy. I have to prove that I have a right to work here. I have had to cancel more than 200euro worth of work to deal with this problem and it will only continue to get worse.

I have until June 14th to resolve this problem or else, well, I just don’t know. It’s ironic that the 469euro I received as a tax return is almost the same exact number that I may have to pay a lawyer to allow me to keep working here.

Oy vey…

Now I have three classes to teach and I guess I’ll be talking about this a little bit…

I’ll keep you updated. If I had a shotgun, I could have probably solved this problem by now!


2 Responses to Why a shotgun would be helpful

  1. Howard Brodsly says:

    Hey Jason…Shotgun wedding?

    Now you understand why Tali and I got married when we did – de had visa problems and wa this or say goodbye. almost 27 years (october)

    If you want to talk / write for advice…let me know


  2. Sandra Kraisirideja says:

    Sounds like you have another life changing situation on your hands. I think you’ll be able to work something out. I have confidence in you for what it’s worth. Just remember that you’re living life on your terms so don’t let bureaucracy get you down!


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