April 14th

I turned 7 years old today. Well, actually I’ll be 32 in normal years next month but April 14, 1999 was the definitive moment of my life, besides meeting Assiyeah of course!

That was the day I learned for the first time that this was the only life I would ever get. My soul or my body would never coexist ever again. And what was I going to do about that? My answer: I’m going to live my life as fully as possible. Since then?

summer 1999 – worked a second job bussing tables in Santa Monica in order to
fall 1999 – went on a 10-week trip around America and Canada by myself, my first real trip

summer 2000 – drove to Toronto, stayed there off and on for a few months while driving around the furthest edges of Canada and then drove back to LA
fall 2000 – wrote my second novel, “Using Toonies” in 100 days

summer 2001 – went to Europe for the first time, a mere 17 days but one that made me even thirstier for travel. This year also had me travelling to Seattle, Atlanta and San Diego in order to see my favorite band, the Black Crowes

winter 2001/2 – moved to Pennsylvania, hated it but did finish my third book, called “Postponing the Myth”

spring 2002 – Went to Greece for a month. Met the woman of my dreams there, went back to PA and then drove back to LA
fall 2002 – worked my ass off in a restaurant before…

winter 2003 – moved to Germany in January, was teaching English by April.

2004 – wrote my fourth book, “Schwarzfahren”, travelled extensively

2005 – had more than 125 days of vacation, my first photo exhibition

2006 – will have more than 100 days of vacation, including a 2-month trip to South America with Assiyeah, our first time to another continent besides Europe and North America.

There is, of course, much more to say but of course, as I said, I am too busy living of course. Of course, indeed.



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