letter to many of my students today

Hello students and former students,
First off, cheers and I hope you’re all having a great 2006. It’s already 20% over so if you haven’t gotten started yet, now would be a good time! 🙂

Anyway, first I have a little story for you…
I was just by the “Foreigner work permission” office to today for what should have been an ordinary 2-yearwork extension. Well, things have changed a bit.

They wanted me to get two employers to fill out an official job description form with all sorts of interesting
information like what are the qualifications of the
job you have. How much is it paid an hour and how
many hours a week? These forms are to be signed and
stamped from two employers and shipped off to the
Employment office for “about three weeks” where they will be
evaluated on some level and then sent back to the Foreign work permission office.. I’m not sure when I’m
notified when it comes back. All I know is that I
spent 20euro for a 3-month extension today when a 2-year extension costs 30euro.

2 years ago it was like this:
Bring some work contracts, bank account information that shows that money is coming in, current health insurance and 25euro,you get the passport stamped, thank you have a nice day.

I feel offended by this change. I have already been to the Buergeramt two times now. Clearly stated: I will have to take off work tomorrow to try and deal with this more. It’s ridiculous. I want to show them how silly this is and you can help.

So here’s what I’m asking:

Would you please write a short letter (definitely less than a page but enough so it looks real!) addressed to these two offices that says something like:

Jason Brown has been my teacher for XX months. I am really glad to have him as my english teacher (or use the past tense if you’re no longer a student of mine) and I can see that he was educated for the job by his enthusiasm and correctness with grammar questions. I’m glad that he lives here. He makes Freiburg a better place.

Of course the letter will be in German. Please mail it me or email if you prefer. I just thought that the Arbeitsamt and Buergeramt might understand that I have so much work as an English teacher that 20 students have written letters about my work here in Freiburg. I had to cancel work to go there. He pays his taxes. He has a German girlfriend. Hmmm, okay, he can stay.
Jason Brown
Little Nail Lake Street. 3
79102 Free Castle (address translated into English!)
p.s. I’m happy to keep any of you updated on what happens in this little situation.
p.s. Now would also be a good time to offer an invitation to my second photo exhibition on May 12, 2006 at the Art Cafe. I’ll give you more info soon.

today was my most stressful day as a foreigner in Germany.


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