March 13th

No, nothing special about this day but I’ll give you an indication of what happened so you can get an idea of what my life is currently like:

*woke up at 8:30
*out the door at 9:04
*went by the copyshop to drop off the CD which contains Using Toonies on it. This was my second novel, written in the Fall of 2000 in a “staggering” 100 days. I’m getting 4 copies published and it’ll cost about 40euro.
*went by the bank, transferred 500euro to my other account so that I can pay my American credit card, namely my plane tickets to California at Xmas. It was cheap (470euro) but I’ve got to pay for 9 months before I travel!
*took the train from 10:08 to 11:28 to Lorrach
*walked 15 minutes to the school
*made photocopies, bought a little something to eat
*worked from 12:15-2:30pm and then 2:45-5pm
*got a ride from a student most of the way home and then had to wait about 20 minutes for the train to take me to Freiburg. I ate a bread roll but didn’t have enough for a pretzel!
*arrived at 6:18pm, and then had a private lesson from 6:20-7:20pm with a nice Japanese woman
*took the tram home from Stadttheater and walked in the door at 7:40pm with the smell of fish sticks in the air
*had a nice dinner with Assiyeah and now it’s 8:40pm

what’s left for me?
*clean the bathroom(yeah!)
*organize my things for tomorrow’s long day: 1-4pm in Lorrach, 6-9pm in Freiburg
*relax, if I can

Much love to you guys. I’m making money but am poor as hell now, especially with the German IRS breathing down my neck and some unforeseen expenses, all of which are my fault, such as Amsterdam in two weeks and Holland in 3 months. Things are great but I’m somehow not quite getting everything done that I’d like. Is that common? Methinks so.


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