group email to mom’s friends

hey friends and family,just a quick Sunday shoutout from Germany! Assiyeah and I are going for a walk on a beautiful winter dayhere and then at 4pm a few of us are going to watch”Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, aka American Idol but the German version. I’m doing a bit of packing for Paris on Thursday, just finished up the grades for my university classes, have a new job that starts onTuesday, my highest paying since becoming an English teacher and also the furthest away(an hour to an hourand twenty minutes) but they pay for the journey to so no worries, mate!

I “self-published” one of my four novels, meaning I went to the copy shop and got 4 copies made and bound,mostly to give to friends instead of emailing them 300pages of something. I plan to make about 20 copies ofeach of my four novels, another book of short stories and in a few months when I finish my book “Selling tothe Norwegians” about my two-week trip to Norway last year trying to peddle a Norwegian book I had written, I’m going to have like a “book party” where people can buy some of the books, but at least come together and celebrate something having been accomplished.

My second photo exhibition is in exactly 3 months. It’s interesting, two of the places I was thinking of doing it said they didn’t want the pictures of the American flags on their walls but one place is going to let me do it anyway. I enjoy that I’ve found something that causes people to react. It’s going to be at a place called, appropriately enough, Art Cafe and with any luck, I will be having local businesses sponsor the entire event so I have no out of pocket costs. That will be nice.

Well, just wanted to give an update to people who are important to my mom, so you can all ask her how I’m doing and I have a feeling she has no problems talking about me once you get her started!

peace and smiles!

p.s. thinking good thoughts for ya mom, see ya in exactly 2 months!
p.s.s. congrats to the steelers, but look out for the rams baby, I feel next year is our year! hahaha…


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