Postponing the Myth

It’s finished! A book I wrote from summer 2001 to spring 2002 is finished. I hadn’t really thought about it once in the past three and a half years and in the space of two weeks, I edited all 39 chapters and put them into one “word” document. It is 314 pages long and I think it’s good. There are definitely some parts of philosophy or inner turmoil that perhaps did not come out as well as I had hoped and maybe I didn’t take it far enough, in terms of what a character with two years left to live would do but I think the story is complete and it’s there. Tomorrow I have two important appointments. At 4.30pm I’m meeting with Sarah at O’Kellys about sponsoring some of the photo exhibition and directly before/after that going to the copy shop next door and asking for 8 or 12 copies of my book to be printed out. The problem is I wonder if the type will be too small but it should be okay. I’ll see if she can print out the first page, put it onto fours (meaning four pages displayed onto one) and see how it looks. I would really prefer not to make it much bigger because that will add another 50 pages at least.

Putting my goals into smaller increments seems to be manageable for me. I may even work on Using Toonies this week because it’s already been edited and therefore much easier to move through quickly. I also had the idea of having a “book” party once I am done with Selling to the Norwegians. It will be about 150 pages I would think and I will get 50 copies made at least and then have all of my other books printed up, maybe 20 copies of each for purchase at the party. That’s a great idea too, eh?

It’s dinnertime, we’ll be in touch.


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