my disappointment

well, I didn’t get the job with the company out in Kollnau, mfers! They wanted to pay less than I said I would do it for, and also they knew that I was going to South America all summer and didn’t want to have an interruption in instruction so I can understand but I guess I’m a bit disappointed. The crazy thing is this: if this is my disappointment in life at this time, 31.5 years old, life is good. I didn’t NEED that job to get by, it would have just been icing on a beautiful cake. Now I’ll need to figure out how to save the 200bucks I need for Assiyeah’s anniversary present I wanted to get her. I won’t say what it is here just in case she actually looks at this website but it would have been for South America. Who knows, maybe I can still make the money I need for her gift, we’ll see.

Anyway, it’s dinner time, and then I’m going to edit chapters 11-13 of Postponing the Myth, my third book. I figured out it will cost me 230euro to print out 8 copies of each of my 4 books and another book of my short stories. I’ll write off those costs though, because I’m going to try and sell the books.



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