South America or bust!

good morning kiddies! Well, actually, no one knows about this website yet but they will soon enough. I just wanted to fill you in on some stuff, namely that yesterday we bought our plane tickets to South America! We’re flying from Basel, Switzerland to Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 27th and returning on September 21st from Lima, Peru. That means we will have almost 8 weeks to travel 2000 miles, kick ass!

We finally have good weather again after rain the past couple of days and Assiyeah and I are going back to Germany on Thursday. There’s a lot to do there, including the following:

*grade the poems one class wrote
*grade the newspaper articles another class wrote
*grade a presentation a few students gave
*finish making tests for two of my schools
*prepare for my meeting with the boss of a company about teaching there
*plan my lessons for the next week
*figure out what to do with all of my new books, of which I’ll list once I get them there safely
*start my diet! haha…

I’m still alive, oh oh I, I’m still alive!


2 Responses to South America or bust!

  1. Howard Brodsly says:

    and how was CA….

  2. Jason says:

    excellent, lots of mexican food, movies, chillin with the folks and my friends, just what it should be!

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