That’s it, my friends! Besides some private work which doesn’t need to be recorded (less than 500 euro anyway!), 16,817euro is the amount of money I earned this year as an English teacher. Oh my god does that look small, eh but I’ll tell you, earning the same amount next year would make me so happy, that’d be perfect! About half of that went to living expenses (includes beers and restaurants), another couple thousand as related to working and the rest I pretty much used to travel at will in 2005. Will 2006 be different? In some ways yes, but mostly no. Saving 2.500euro to have as a cushion will be the major difference.

So, if you know me and you are going to be reading this site from time to time, that seems like an awfully low number for the lifestyle I lead, doesn’t it? That’s why I love it here.


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